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A trip to Italy

Immigrants are not just people who leave their countries behind. Instead, they carry the culture with them wherever they go.

Our family comes from Italy, and our biggest wish is to gift you with a bit of the country that we love. We want to offer authentic Italian cuisine so everyone can experience it like they would in our home country.

Like the very air we breathe, Italy is in everything that makes up La Piazzeta experience. From a little glimpse of our culture through to tasting one of our favorite dishes on the menu: pizza.

It’s not just a place; It’s an escape from reality and into somewhere like no other.

When you come to La Piazzetta, you get to enjoy an experience, an all-Italian trip, and of course, the best pizza Napoletana.

Everything Italian

When it comes to Italian dishes, there are so many options. Of course, at home, you can cook one up or grab a slice of pizza from any corner of the city.

But for us, food is more than just recipes, instead, we reminisce on our memories and hit those exact spots that make everything taste better.

That’s why all of our ingredients come straight from Italy, we’re dedicated to serving up only authentic meals!

We bring our supplies from Italy. So we can assure you that everything you taste here is genuine and unique.


It’s a magic trick

You can feel like you’re in Italy at our restaurant, from the flavors to the ambiance. We work hard to make sure every detail is authentic and bring a piece of tradition into our place.


Your senses will go on an unforgettable tour of Italy. The décor and staff are so authentically Italian, it’s as if you’ve been transported to Naples for a meal! 

La Piazzetta meaning

Piazzettas are small squares or extensions of larger ones, and a famous one is in Capri. 

La Piazzetta at the center of town can be found there, with its lively cafés and shops.

The few square meters are filled with cafe tables, and it is often swarmed with crowds. It’s where the life of the town lives.

To us, that’s the essence of our restaurant. A piazzetta in Miami.

Our specialty: Neapolitan-style pizza

  • A bit of history

​​The first pizza was made in Naples. Then, around the late 18th century, Italians began to top their dough with tomatoes and cheese. 

They used to think the tomato was poisonous until they caught some peasants putting it on their flatbread, and everyone ended up loving it!

The dish became really popular, and people from all over Europe would go to Naples and visit poor neighborhoods just to try it.

The first pizza didn’t have cheese, just tomato sauce, and was known as “Marinara.”

The first version with an Italian twist of course had cheese- the famous Margherita. This one came from baker Raffaele Esposito, who honored Queen Marguerite on her visit to Naples.

As cheesy as it sounds, Raffaele decided to bake her a pizza with the colors of the Italian flag. Tomatoes for red, mozzarella for white, and basil leaves for green.


  • The purists

Pizza is not just about flatbread, tomato, and cheese. Authentic Neapolitan-style pizza has been made in wood-fired ovens since the beginning.

Naples isn’t the most beautiful place in Italy, but there’s no other city where you can taste real pizza.

The best Margherita pizza is found there, and they never stray from it. You won’t find any pepperoni on their pizzas or pineapple toppings, for that matter!


  • Standards for the true pizza napoletana

The people from Naples are so purist that they even have rules the pizza makers must follow to make a “true” pizza.

There’s an official governing body for this popular dish called the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana.

It is them who will tell everyone which pizzas are authentic and which ones aren’t.

They set a standard for every element of the dish:


  • A specific kind of cheese and tomato
  • A limit for the dough’s thickness
  • They can only be cooked in wood-fired ovens


So basically, if you ever dare to call your homemade pizza “Napoletana”, the law will come after you.

The importance of tradition

Even though it was created in the 18th century, pizza still managed to keep up the tradition. From the start, it has always been “takeaway” food. People would eat it at home or on the street.

You might not believe this, but some vendors would actually bring pizzas to customers’ homes. 

How did pizza become a worldwide phenomenon?

The story of the first pizzeria in America is one for the history books, and it all began with Italian immigrants. 

The 20th century saw a significant movement from Italy to America by immigrants seeking better lives abroad. One such recipe that traveled across the world was pizza; Italians brought their beloved dish overseas.

These new Americans found homes on Manhattan Island (“little Italy”), and there, they created the first pizzeria. 

At La Piazzetta, we try our best to keep the tradition alive. Our ingredients are brought from Italy. We even got our oven from Naples. 

That’s how compromised we are to give our customers the best Italian experience. 

We stretch the pizza with our own hands. We don’t use a rolling pin. Then we put it in the oven, 600 degrees, for just a minute and a half. 

And done, perfect to enjoy!

Take a look at our menu and check out our variety of pizza options.